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February 24

Diagnosing 2.0 flatulence: the case of ‘N.G.’

Do you – or someone you know – think you might be suffering from Teacher Quality 2.0 flatulence? Here’s how to tell. Let’s take the case of a hypothetical patient, ‘N.G’, who first came to our attention a few years ago. First of all (and be honest) do you think you are always inevitably right and that […]

January 26

Teacher Education Exchange: a personal view

In March last year, just as I was joining King’s College London, I organised a seminar on initial teacher education at which Sven-Erik Hansen (Finland) and Ken Zeichner (US) spoke, both leading international researchers in the field. The rest of the room was filled with some of the leaders in the field in the UK, […]

December 08

Review of Learning Teaching from Experience

Meg Maguire has authored a review of Janet Orchard and my edited collection Learning Teaching from Experience: Multiple Perspectives and International Contexts that has been published in the Journal of Education for Teaching (JET). It is available to download if you click here. The book is now available in paperback (for example, via Waterstone’s) and […]

November 08

Innovation: one of ‘those’ words

At the Watson conference, as can happen lots of places, ‘innovation’ was heard with an economic inflection. The word is often associated with technical improvements to commercial processes; increasing efficiency; lowering costs and driving up profitability. Indeed, in the discourses of public service reform, ‘innovation’ can even be a cover for privatisation or at least marketisation; a way […]

May 06

Innovation by design: transforming ITE workshops with TEAN

You could say that ITE providers in England (to use that horrible ‘p’ word) have generally been good at offering high quality provision and ensuring year-on-year improvements in measures of effectiveness. Ofsted says so and so do external examiners. But as a sector perhaps we have not been so good at coming up with new […]

April 27

The challenge of transformation in teacher education: New article in Acta Didactica Norge

‘Reforming’ teacher education is the go-to policy area in many countries around the world. You can have a bash at teachers (they’re not good enough) and university lecturers (they’re why teachers are not good enough) and also that ‘out-dated’ model of the welfare state where general taxation provides basic services for the general population in a […]

February 16

Bringing Teacher Education Forward: Conference in Oslo, June 2016 (updated)

Pro-Ted, the centre of excellence in teacher development at Oslo University, is hosting ‘Bringing Teacher Education Forward’, a conference focused on innovation in pre-service and continuing teacher education, in June this year. The call for papers (deadline 1st March, so coming soon) is available here. Two keynote speakers are Marilyn Cochran-Smith and Fred Korthagen, leading researchers in […]