LTfE AERA December 08

Review of Learning Teaching from Experience

Meg Maguire has authored a review of Janet Orchard and my edited collection Learning Teaching from Experience: Multiple Perspectives and International Contexts that has been published in the Journal of Education for Teaching (JET). It is available to download if you click here. The book is now available in paperback (for example, via Waterstone’s) and […]

Uses of poetry 2 November 11

Two new articles on ‘The Uses of Poetry’

Having said several times recently that I haven’t done research in English Education/language/literacy for a while, I am reminded that, in fact, I have by the publication of two new journal articles on poetry. The articles arose out of the Arts and Humanities Research Council project I was CI on during my time at Brunel. […]

iu November 08

Innovation: one of ‘those’ words

At the Watson conference, as can happen lots of places, ‘innovation’ was heard with an economic inflection. The word is often associated with technical improvements to commercial processes; increasing efficiency; lowering costs and driving up profitability. Indeed, in the discourses of public service reform, ‘innovation’ can even be a cover for privatisation or at least marketisation; a way […]

watson October 22

My talk at the Watson conference

As an outsider to Composition and Rhetoric as a discipline, I was really honoured – and also slightly unnerved – to be invited to the 20th biennial Watson Conference at the University of Louisville. Would I be the green jello at the lunchtime buffet of talks? The cold stuffing? The watery collard greens? Anyway, this […]

Dr Yunqiu Liu June 20

Linking teacher development and school improvement: New paper with Liu published in Global Education

A new article based on my research with Yunqiu Liu from East China Normal University has been published (in Chinese) in the Chinese journal Global Education. It’s available to download from the Articles page of this site. The publicity that Shanghai receives for its PISA success and sometimes its teacher education (usually to suggest – […]

HJudge June 15

Teaching and Professionalism: An Essay in Ambiguity. A paper by Harry Judge from 1978

I am currently working through a weighty archive of documents and interview transcripts about the development of the Oxford Internship Scheme from 1973 to 1987. My friend and colleague Ann Childs and I have been doing this, on and off, for over three years now since we first talked about it at the BERA conference […]

TEANLogo May 06

Innovation by design: transforming ITE workshops with TEAN

You could say that ITE providers in England (to use that horrible ‘p’ word) have generally been good at offering high quality provision and ensuring year-on-year improvements in measures of effectiveness. Ofsted says so and so do external examiners. But as a sector perhaps we have not been so good at coming up with new […]