AERA 2018: Running between hotels and the $3 banana

Following the launch events for the joint KCL-TCCU Centre for Innovation in Teacher Education and Development on 12 and 13 April (about which you can read more here), I will be presenting at the American Educational Research Association annual conference in the following panels and symposia:

Saturday April 14th, 2.15 – 3.45pm, Sheraton New York Times Square, Second floor, Ballroom Empire East

Panel: Insights and Discoveries in Pre-service and In-service Growth with Diverse Populations

My paper as third author with Dirck Roosevelt, Lin Goodwin, Mary Hafeli, Felicia Moore Mensah, Kelly Parkes: ‘”Emergent Teacher Educators”, Novice Teachers and Learning In and From Practice, Inquiry and Conflict’


Sunday April 15th, 8.15 – 10.15am, New York Hilton Midtown, Concourse level, Concourse C room

Panel: Toward Social Justice: Centering Identities, Positionalities, and Community Knowledges in Teacher Educators’ Work and Learning

My paper as third author with Mariana Souto-Manning and Jamy Stillman: ‘Asset-Oriented Teacher Education: Towards Needed Transformations’


Monday April 16th, 10.35am – 12 noon, New York Hilton Midtown, Fourth Floor, New York suite

Division G Vice Presidential Session: Troubling Hollow Commitments to ‘Diversity’: Denouncing Whiteness as a Design Feature in Teacher Education Programs

My paper: ‘Teacher Development 3.0: Confronting Our Capacity to Reproduce Educational and Social Injustice’


Tuesday April 17th, 8.15 – 9.45am, New York Hilton Midtown, Concourse level, Concourse E room

Symposium: Teacher Educators as Reform Agents: Exploring New Possibilities Across Four Diverse Countries

My paper as first author with Sarah Steadman and Tom Are Trippestad: ‘Teacher educators as ‘disruptive innovators’ in England: The Rhetorics of Reform’


Tuesday April 17th, 10.35am – 12.05pm (aka The Graveyard Slot), New York Marriott Marquis, Fourth Floor, Odets

Symposium: Historical Transformations in Teacher Education

My paper as first author with Ann Childs: ‘The Struggle for Innovation in Teacher Education: A Case of Collective Creativity’

Although very exciting, I find AERA in New York a feat of organisation and endurance with sprints between hotels in midtown and queues to ride elevators to the 23rd floor only to find yourself squashed in the hallway outside the room you want to be in. My tips: 1. Take your own food and drink otherwise pay $3 for a banana; 2. Wear running shoes – because you will run, inevitably.

I’ll also be running a ‘Reinventing Teacher Education’ stop-by for potential authors at the Bloomsbury stand with Publisher Alison Baker. Further details to follow.