Are you reinventing teacher education? New books in our series for Bloomsbury

Two more books in the Reinventing Teacher Education series that Peter Smagorinsky, Marie Brennan, Joce Nuttall and I edit for Bloomsbury have now gone to contract. Hurrah!

In Navigating Teacher Education in Complex and Uncertain Times: Connecting Communities of Practice in a Borderless World, Carmen Mercado from the City University of New York draws on four decades of seminal research and theory to reveal aspects of locally-responsive planning and adaptations that should be central to any teacher education program that hopes to serve its unique, local population base responsibly. Mercado sensitively draws together the technical and emotional dimensions of learning to teach, exploring some of the issues that need to be addressed for them to meet their aim to be places of opportunity for all. What does responsiveness mean in teacher education when responsiveness is not only a technical relationship?

In The Promise and Practice of University-based Teacher Education: Aotearoa New Zealand, Alex Gunn, David Berg, Mary Hill and Mavis Haigh examine how university-based teacher education in New Zealand is produced and maintained by examining teacher education as academic work and seeking perspectives on that work from key stakeholders. As a case of teacher education work and development, the book uses cultural historical activity theory-based research to advance teacher education practice and contribute to education system improvement in New Zealand and around the world. The book is based on a New Zealand research council-funded study that drew on the research Jane McNicholl and I did in England.

Are you reinventing teacher education? Do you have a book-length project you’d like to see in print? Peter, Marie, Joce and I are looking for research-based manuscripts for the series; we like working with the authors closely to create the kind of books that our field doesn’t see that often.

Interested? Email and your message will go to four of us and the fantastic Alison Baker at Bloomsbury.