ECER and BERA conference participation 2017

At the ECER conference later this week, I’ll be participating in the symposium Innovation and Reform in Teacher Education: Historical Perspectives on Change and Transformation on Friday 25 August from 3.30 – 5pm in room 5.18. Sven-Erik Hansén (Åbo Akademi) will be discussant and the panel also includes Anja Swennen (VU Amsterdam), Tom Are Trippestad (Western Norway University of Applied Sciences), Bill Davis (Teachers College, Columbia University) and Ann Childs (Oxford University).

On Wednesday 6 September, I’ll be discussant for two symposia at the BERA conference at Sussex University. At 9am in room FUL-204, it will be Enacting the Professional Development of Teacher Educators: Cross-Context Perspectives which draws on research by Info-TED (International Forum for Teacher Educator Development). The symposium includes contributions from England, Scotland and Eire. Info-TED is a really interesting network of teacher educators interested in the professional and career development needs of teacher educators.

And then later in the day, from 3.35 – 5.05pm in room FUL-202, Design Principles for Profession-led, Long-life Teacher Development with Teacher Education Exchange colleagues Meg Maguire, Keith Turvey, Ali Messer, Ruth Heilbronn and Kenny Frederick. It’s great that teacher education research seems to have quite a strong presence at BERA this year.