Have an idea for a research-based book on teacher education?

The first book in the ‘Reinventing Teacher Education’ series – The Struggle for Teacher Education (Trippestad, Swennen & Werler) – is now in print and will be on sale soon. The second title – a study of teacher education curricula in the US – by Pasternak and colleagues is about to go into production and in the pipeline are proposals from South Africa, the Netherlands, Wales and China. You can find more information about the published books here.

Marie, Meg, Peter and I are looking for more proposals for books in this series that has the enthusiastic backing of Bloomsbury and a potentially truly international readership. Do you have an idea for a book? Single authored? Multi-authored? An edited collection of cutting-edge papers? The only requirements for consideration for the series are that the book is research-based, forward-looking and internationally relevant. You could, for example, use two previously published journal articles as the core of the book and then write around them in ways academic journals won’t allow (especially in terms of word count). You could bring together a group of experts on a teacher education topic for a seminar and develop the papers into a collection. You could produce a detailed report on a single research project of international significance. Etc., etc..

All four of us are happy to talk about your ideas. The Bloomsbury website also has guidance for authors. We look forward to working with you! And you can contact all of us with one email to ReinventTeacherEdBloomsbury@gmail.com



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