Comparing policy conditions for teaching and teacher education: CIES, Vancouver, March 2016

I will be part of an international panel on teacher education policy at the 2016 Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) conference in Vancouver, Canada in March 2016. The conference marks sixty years of the society’s existence at a time when greater knowledge of policy and practice in education internationally has never been more important. Without widening our perspectives, we lose ground to the destructive reformers who make selective and often twisted appropriations of other countries’ ideas in the field (just think about those grotesque generalisations about Shanghai, Finland, Singapore, Korea, etc., etc.).

‘Comparing the policy conditions for teaching and teacher education in selected anglophone and non-anglophone countries’ will feature Ken Zeichner (University of Washington), USA), Peter Grimmett, Anne Phelan, Anthony Clarke (University of British Columbia, Canada) and myself. My own contribution will focus on the distinctive situation in England – our strange historical combination/contradiction of post-Thatcher welfare quasi-markets and post-war statist command-and-control instincts with a resurgence of tech-mediated neoconservatism.

CIES is unusual and forward-thinking in having funds available to support participants from outside the host country – see their website for details.