Chapter 6 of ‘Transforming Teacher Education’ now available to download

The final chapter of Transforming Teacher Education – Chapter 6 – is now available to download from the Chapters section on this site.

Chapter 6 brings together the various problems with current teacher education systems – problems Jane McNicholl and I identified in the research we report in the previous five chapters – and we come up with an agenda for transforming (rather than defending) the systems though a set of five principles and three urgent actions.

Central to our agenda is the assertion of the value of universities and university departments of education in helping to shape policy in a democratic society. They are not barriers or ‘blobs’; their expertise and challenge can help policy-makers form better policy. Equally, university departments of education need to raise their game in both engaging with realistic research agendas and connecting these to the preparation of teachers. Education academics can easily fall into the wider ‘academic capitalist’ trap of developing their own brand regardless. A form of narcissism, if you like.

The absolutely central focus of the transformative agenda we propose is to rethink the relationship between university departments of education and the profession of teaching. How can universities help teachers to build the profession of teaching while also building the university discipline of education? Crack that and you have achieved something very valuable.

Transforming Teacher Education is now available in all good bookstores – and there are discount coupons available on this site (if you look hard enough!).