Have an idea for a research-based book on teacher education? (Apply within)

Marie Brennan, Meg Maguire, Peter Smagorinsky and I are ready to start reviewing proposals for our new book series with Bloomsbury, Reinventing Teacher Education. The series will feature robust, critical research in the field of teacher education – broadly construed – and overall will seek to advance a practical and progressive agenda for the transformation of the field. So no shying away from high expectations!

Some key documents are available here:

  • A series flyer with information in brief and the email address that will get a message to all of the editors and publisher.
  • A series description with information about the aims of the series and giving a number of possible areas for books.

A drinks reception to mark the launch of Reinventing Teacher Education will be held during the forthcoming American Educational Research Association Conference at the Whitehall Place Lounge, the Whitehall Hotel, 105 East Delaware Place, Chicago on Thursday 16th April at 5.30pm. (The Whitehall Place Lounge was the first bar in Chicago to get a liquor license after Prohibition was lifted).