Speaking at Teachers College, Columbia University, 17 – 21 November

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I will be contributing to the 2014 – 2015 Teachers College Sachs Lecture Series colloquium The Landscape for the Education of Teacher Educators: Whose Knowledges? What Visions? at the invitation of the Department of Curriculum and Teaching. I begin Monday 17th November for a week that will include a public lecture, department meetings, meetings with PhD students and strategy discussions with key education faculty. It is both a great honour and slightly terrifying. I am one of six visitors they have invited over the year and, I think, the only one from outside the US. To say I am glad I finished the book this summer is an understatement.

The questions driving the colloquium include:

  1. What should the curriculum of a teacher educator preparation programme be?
  2. What’s current practice like, with particular reference to teachers of colour, mediation of field experiences and understandings of adult learning?
  3. What assumptions underpin current programmes and how?
  4. What research is needed?

I am hoping that together the six lecturers will have something coherent to argue during what are very ‘interesting times’ for teacher education in the US, the UK and internationally. While there are clearly great challenges to ‘business-as-usual’ in teacher education in many parts of the world, there are also great opportunities. It’s probably time the universities used their great expertise and wealth of experience to propose something as radical and innovative as some of the reformers’ ideas.

Teachers College - founded in 1880 and located at 120th St in Manhatten

Teachers College – founded in 1880 and located at 120th St in Manhattan