image August 19

Pinot Noir: spec-tac-ular

Into the Willamette Valley, south of Portland. Oregon. Like Piedmont but more beautiful and with a more diverse group of winemakers. Stunning countryside, people and wine. Thanks to Wayne Oppenheimer for the tour.

image August 19

Opting out: Public education, state compulsion and democratic rights

Last week saw the annual summer angst-fest that is A-level results day in England and Wales. At a slow time for news, you can guarantee TV news crews will be asking kids to jump up in the air holding slips of paper. Every year, the images and the quotes are pretty much the same with […]

Vygotsky August 10

CHAT blog 2: Understanding CHAT as a methodological project

CHAT is, at its core, as with the psychology of Vygotsky that underpins it, a methodological project; it is about seeing the world and acting on it in specific ways. For Vygotsky, this meant challenging the scientistic and even inhumane version of psychology that prevailed at the time of his writing. Simultaneously, he was (perhaps […]

Vygotsky August 03

CHAT blog 1: What’s with the triangles?

In my previous post, I mentioned that I would be writing some stuff on here about cultural-historical activity theory (CHAT, for short) and specifically in connection with teacher education. I think it’s a particularly fertile field for exploration and the theoretical tool-kit that CHAT provides is rich with possibilities for both analysing the complex and […]

IJER July 27

New article on Teacher Rounds now published in International Journal of Educational Research

Teacher rounds, education rounds, instructional rounds – whichever variety you choose, the word ’rounds’ points to an originĀ in medical education. Senior and more expert doctors gather together a group of less experienced and expert doctors around a particular case – a patient. The purpose of the round (or ward round) is to lead the development […]

LCC big July 13

‘Learning and Collective Creativity’ and ‘Learning Teaching from Experience’ now out in paperback

Learning and Collective Creativity: Activity-theoretical and sociocultural studies (Routledge) and Learning Teaching from Experience: Multiple Perspectives and International Contexts (Bloomsbury) are now out in paperback and available at a reasonable prices from all good booksellers. Learning and Collective Creativity was edited with Annalisa Sannino from the University of Helsinki’s CRADLE centre and is the only […]

TransformingTeacherEdproofcover June 23

Chapter 6 of ‘Transforming Teacher Education’ now available to download

The final chapter of Transforming Teacher Education – Chapter 6 – is now available to download from the Chapters section on this site. Chapter 6 brings together the various problems with current teacher education systems – problems Jane McNicholl and I identified in the research we report in the previous five chapters – and we […]


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