L&L February 08

London Conference on the Legacy of James Britton – IOE, 12th March 2016

If you were a newly-qualified teacher of English today, would you know who James Britton was? If you had done a PGCE, it is an interesting question. As an English graduate, it would have been unlikely for you to have encountered Britton in your EngLit course. But would your PGCE tutor, at any stage, have […]

LCC big January 24

Collective creativity as an essential condition for a real profession of teaching: new in paperback

Some of the more rabid edu-twitterers hate creativity as a concept. At times, it seems, mostly because they hate Ken Robinson. And they hate Ken Robinson because he is really, really popular with teachers (and the wider public) and makes an awful lot of money from an entirely different view of education to the one […]

Richard Pring January 18

A Generation of Radical Educational Change: New book from Pring & Roberts

Any new book by Richard Pring (former director of the Department of Education at Oxford, former civil servant, former trainee priest, gardener, philosopher, marathon-runner, sleep-connoisseur, etc) and Martin Roberts (former headteacher of Cherwell School, advisor to the Prince’s Teaching Institute and historian) is always welcome. But their new edited collection, A Generation of Radical Educational Change: […]

teachers January 05

Comparing policy conditions for teaching and teacher education: CIES, Vancouver, March 2016

I will be part of an international panel on teacher education policy at the 2016 Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) conference in Vancouver, Canada in March 2016. The conference marks sixty years of the society’s existence at a time when greater knowledge of policy and practice in education internationally has never been more important. […]

Joseph Schumpeter December 21

The market will (not) decide: The creative destruction of England’s teacher education infrastructure

In May 2013, I travelled north to Lancaster, in the north of England, to a conference at which a senior civil servant from the National College for Teaching and Leadership was scheduled to speak. Like most civil servants at his level of seniority, he had been around the block a few times and carried both […]

TEANLogo November 20

Speaking at the 7th Annual TEAN Conference, May 2016

I will be one of the keynote speakers at the 7th Annual Teacher Education Advancement Network (TEAN) conference at Aston University in Birmingham on May 5th and 6th next year. Conference details are available here. TEAN is a really interesting organisation and one that takes teacher development and professional education really seriously. I’m really looking forward […]

The Halsbury Building - current home of the Department of Education November 17

Ten things you might not know about Brunel University’s Education department

If you’ve read a previous post about our annual public lecture (given this year by John Cridland (former Director General of the CBI), you will be familiar with some of the history of Brunel as an institution. It’s what the British call a ‘plate-glass’ university (courtesy of Michael Beloff) set up in the 1960s (Brunel […]


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