THunt October 14

I swear by almighty Tristram

Shadow Education Secretary Tristram Hunt came back from Singapore with the view that teachers, on qualifying, should have to swear an oath. Why he thinks the state should intervene to get a new professional to swear an oath in public is not clear, other than the fact he thinks they do in Singapore. It is […]

TC wall October 12

Speaking at Teachers College, Columbia University, 17 – 21 November

I will be contributing to the 2014 – 2015 Teachers College Sachs Lecture Series colloquium The Landscape for the Education of Teacher Educators: Whose Knowledges? What Visions? at the invitation of the Department of Curriculum and Teaching. I arrive Monday 17th November for a week that will include a public lecture, department meetings, meetings with […]

DfE October 06

A morning at the Carter Review of ITT

Friday 26th and I fetch up at Sanctuary Buildings for a ’roundtable discussion’ on ‘delivering effective primary ITT’ at the Carter Review of Initial Teacher Training. For those who live outside the rump UK (England), the Carter Review is an ‘independent review’ of teacher education programmes that is supposed to focus on their ‘quality and […]

Bloomsbury logo September 15

Bloomsbury commissions new book series: Re-inventing Teacher Education

Bloomsbury have commissioned a new series of books on teacher education to be edited by Marie Brennan, Meg Maguire, Peter Smagorinsky and myself. Entitled Re-inventing Teacher Education, the series will publish books that have the potential to change the way we do teacher education, from initial preparation through continuing professional development. We are not looking […]

The Art Party August 23

Join ‘The Art Party’?

The Art Party is a film by artist Bob and Roberta Smith and Tim Newton. It was released this week nationally and has had a good deal of publicity – a Today programme interview, newspaper features, etc.. The cinema release was limited but high profile, partly through Picturehouse and it had a big bash at […]

Park View ET August 15

Trojan Linguistics: Underneath the headlines at Park View

A huge amount has been written over the last few months about alleged religious extremism among a group of schools in Birmingham – much of it nonsense, some of it deranged, very little that is insightful. And it is no surprise given that the whole affair played into the dispute between the Department for Education […]

image August 07

Common ground, global reach: CEE and IFTE conference, July 2015, New York

The fourth combined Conference on English Education (CEE) and International Federation ¬†for the Teaching of English (IFTE) conference takes place at Fordham University in New York from 5th to 8th July, 2015, almost fifty years after the foundatjon of IFTE and its first conference in Dartmouth, New Hampshire. IFTE is an umbrella association of the […]


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