Art Institute April 11

Intermission: Random highlights from AERA 2014 and Philly

I’m away now until the end of the month and so here, by way of an intermission during a service interruption, are some random highlights of AERA 2014 and Philadelphia. Normal service resumes 1 May. Or roundabouts. A strong Welsh presence in the history of the state of Pennsylvannia, ‘New Wales’ as it was once […]

Brand new ancients April 08

Kate Tempest’s Brand New Ancients: Small heroics, everyday epics

Brand New Ancients – I think now approaching the end of its tour – is a very unusual, ambitious and startling piece. Kate Tempest has put together a long, performed poem, set to music, partly social commentary and satire but with a narrative arc that aspires to epic. Having seen it – and thoroughly enjoyed it – […]

City hall April 04

‘Maths Talk’ project now underway

Our first meeting of the ‘Maths Talk’ project took place two weeks ago at some very posh meeting rooms in Richmond. Teachers from 32 schools in the London boroughs of Wandsworth and Merton are taking part and we had a full house at this first meeting and a very positive response. Excellent catering too. I […]

Psychiatric tales cover March 31

Comic Psychiatry

I wanted to read Darryl Cunningham’s Psychiatric Tales for two reasons: first, it is regarded as one of the ‘must read’ comic books alongside Art Spiegelman’s Maus and Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home, both favourites of mine. Second, having recently and unexpectedly spent a few months alongside a friend suffering from mental illness, I was intrigued to […]

Caplin for the guardian March 24

John Harris’s ‘Inside the A* Factory’

A feature in the Guardian on the 15th March, by left-wing journalist John Harris, aroused a good deal of interest among teachers (still going if last Saturday’s letters page is anything to go by). But ‘Inside the A* Factory’ received little coverage elsewhere in the media and the underlying issues (teacher workload, teacher morale and […]

Philly March 15

My presentations at AERA

I will be presenting at the American Educational Research Association annual meeting in Philadelphia next month. Here are the session details: Friday 4 April, 4.05-6.05pm, Convention Center 203B ‘The Market Will (Not) Decide: School Direct, the State and the Provision of Teacher Education in England’ (with Meg Maguire), part of the symposium Struggles for Control: […]

David C. Berliner March 12

‘The Teacher as Sisyphus’ – essay by David C. Berliner

David Berliner is a distinguished educational psychologist and dean, now emeritus at Arizona State University. He has become well known again recently because of an article he wrote in Teachers College Record that analysed the effects of poverty on the outcomes of the American school system. US public (or state) schools are often held to […]


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