lamb January 02

Boundin’, boundin’, reboundin': thank you to 2014’s jackalopes

2014. Mmm. One option would be to begin with the first sentence of A Tale of Two Cities. But, instead, I defer to the Pixar short Boundin‘. Here it is. Please watch it.  It’s a remarkable short that was written, animated, directed and sung by Bud Luckey, 76 at time of its making and a veteran […]

2014-11-22 11.00.52 December 30

The Week of ‘The Landscape for Preparing Teacher Educators’

At Teachers’ College, November 2014 It was a real privilege to spend the week at Teachers’ College as guest of the Department of Curriculum and Teaching and a Sachs lecturer in the colloquium The Landscape for Preparing Teacher Educators. One of my favourite parts of the week were the many conversations I had with faculty […]

image December 24

Paper lanterns and gingerbread to one and all

Winter festival rituals that don’t’ involve saints or baby cheeses or coca cola Volume 1: Brighton (or Hove, actually) has a wonderful festival on 21 December each year called ‘The Burning of the Clocks’. It is organized by a community organization called Same Sky and is 21 years old this year. Same Sky wanted to […]

Bergen December 22

The Battle … has just begun (Updated)

In Norwegian, battle translates either as krieg or kampen. Krieg is military; kampen suggests struggle. On balance, the Bergen conference focused on the struggle for teacher education around the world. In many countries, teacher education is seen as key to the ‘effectiveness’ of the whole school system, as a means of producing the producers of […]

TC wall November 07

The Landscape for Preparing Teacher Educators: Register for Teachers College lecture

You can register for my lecture at Teachers College through the colloquium website (click here). Here are the details. ‘Transforming the Landscape of Teacher Education: Possible Futures for the Profession and Universities Working Together’ What teacher educators do matters. Reformers of university-based teacher education know that; defenders of the status quo think they do too. The nature of the […]

Bergen October 30

‘The Battle for Teacher Education': Last chance to register!

Only a few days left to register for the international  ‘Battle for Teacher Education’ conference in Bergen, Norway on 13 and 14 November. Subtitled ‘Reform in National and International Context’, the conference keynotes include Meg Maguire (King’s, London), Bill Green and Jo-Anne Reid (Charles Sturt, Australia), Tom Are Trippestad and Tobias Werler (Bergen University College), […]

TransformingTeacherEdproofcover October 27

Transforming Teacher Education: 20% discount order forms!

Transforming Teacher Education comes out early next year, soon after the publication of the Carter Review. Unless the Department for Education invests in a new designer, our publication will have a much nicer cover and, heck, even some references to research and evidence. The discount order form for Europe is here. And for the United […]


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